Kasnick Photography - Zion nd Bryce NP's
Two of my favorite parks were Bryce and Zion NP's. They
both had outstanding scenery, although much different. I took
the horse ride into Bryce and it was a great experience. But I
wanted a mule and they were all taken that day. Maybe the
other dudes and dudettes knew something I didn't know!
Anyway, my horse had sore feet and kept looking for the soft
dirt on the trail. Since that was at the crumbling edge, he
definately made me nervous. So, another instance where I
did not let the horse do what he wanted. I guarantee that my
horse walked on the wall edge of center line!

Our trail boss, Ten Bears, had been doing this since 1987
and was just wonderful. He was riding a Tennessee mule that
it was obvious that he highly regarded. He even owned it
outright, when they would have supplied his animal, he liked
this one too much so he owned it.

Zion was a different kind of place. It was all about being down
in the canyons looking up, and Bryce was all about being on
the edge looking down into the "hoodoo valley". And they
were great.

After seeing these two places, I think that Crater Lake and
these two places are my all time favorites. If you get the
chance, see all of them and you decide!