Kasnick Photography - Yellowstone to Glacier
This page has some of the Miscellaneous Yellowstone
Pictures. If I observe what features had the most visitors in
Yellowstone NP, then the geysers and bubbling features won
hands down. So, my last day there, I wanted to document this
a little more thoroughly. I tried to get one last set of Old
Faithful, but had one small knob set wrong on the camera, so
all of those pictures were too dark. But I did get some of
another geyser that were great. So, I guess it evened out.
Just before 7:00 a.m. I left Yellowstone and came across a
really brilliant piece of art. The Buffalo. This was on display in
a little town of West Yellowstone. From there I took the back
roads to Helena, the interstate for 15 miles and then more
(350 in total) miles of the back roads. Montana, not only has a
town called "Big Sky", but it certainly has lots of sky. Probably
the reason it seems so obvious is the most of the roads
follow paths in valleys between mountains. I have been in or
along side mountains for a week or more. The scenery has
just been awesome! What I really like is the lack of billboards.
I did visit Wall Drug, and they maintain that they practically
invented the billboard industry. So sad that they take pride in
something that has had such a negative visual impact on all
of us. Well, the first real mountain picture is from Glacier NP.
These mountains are just beautiful. Most of the pictures were
taken from the "Road to the Sun". This road took 11 years to
build and is sometimes described as the most scenic hiway
in America. I can tell you that it has 25 miles or more of "Don't
Look Down" areas. I parked and ventured to the unguarded
edge a few times and can attest that it is well over 1,000 feet
of sheer drop in places. Going over to the west, the vehicle
stays on the mountain side, and coming back you get the cliff
side. Well, suffice to say that coming back, I took the middle
and moved only for the few cars that were coming at me.

The glaciers are melting, so in 20 years this will be called
"the former Glacier National Park". So Sad. But on a brighter
note, there are a huge number of wildflowers here. Many of
the ones that are pictured are a quarter the size of a dime. All
are gorgeous. They have to be tough to survive 6 months of
winter, grow, blossom and produce seeds in cold with low
oxygen and little rain. That we should be so tough!