Kasnick Photography - Ten Sleep, Wyoming
The 4th of July. I always seem to be doing something else, so
never get to see a real celebration. The attached slide show
starts in a BLM forest campsite at the tip of the Big Horn Mtn
Range. I was following Rt 16 to go down to get around these
mtns, and get up to Cody WY, at the entrance to Yellowstone. As
I came out of the mtns, I entered a little town called Ten Sleep.
One look told me not to slow down, but then I saw that they only
had 350 residents and WERE HOLDING A PARADE AND
RODEO. I was hooked. Even thought it was only 7:30 a.m., I
turned around and headed back. Looking for a place for
information, I went into the Crazy Woman Cafe, and got Amy for
my waitress. Well, she turned out to have the greatest spirit and
charm. It was probably why she was also one of the three judges
for the parade. I stood around until 10:00 a.m. , parade time and
took pictures of the people as they started to congregate. You
can really see that they are excited! I don't think it was the parade
so much, as seeing friends that they may not have seen for a
while. There was definately a spirit there that Obama should
import to Washington, and then to the whole country. This town
was patriotic, and they did not mind showing it. I met one couple
that had traveled in from a ranch about 60 miles away. That is the
cowboy and his ?? (never did ask) red headed girl friend. (If they
see this maybe they will enlighten me). They really were the
poster couple. Sweet, hard working, good values. Every thing
you want people in your town to be. Well, I did not get to talk to
too many people, but many people said "Good Morning" to me!

If there was a patriotic town that really turned out with spirit, this is
the one. After all, how can a little town of 350 people attract
several thousand to come to a parade and rodeo!

Ten Sleep, Wyo. I love what you are and what you did! God Bless