Kasnick Photography - Sedona, Arizona
I went to Sedona about 15 years ago. It had been a California
Hippie hangout. Very spiritual, into mother earth, energy and
focus. But even back then the hippies were being priced out,
thrown out of the back country camps and were barely a
factor. So, I was curious as to what I would find. Well, the first
magazine that was handed to me in town had some real
estate ads. The inside cover was a lovely home with all the
amenities for a mere 11.5 million dollars. Needless to say,
the hippies have moved on. In their place are the yuppies,
wannabees, and even some mover and shakers. But there
are no real jobs there, so it is still a vacation home
community. It is certainly set in a desirable location. The
scenery is georgous (am I overusing that word?) and the
traffic is being relieved with the addition of lots of road
construction. If it ever busts, I am going to save a lot on a 11.5
mil house. haha just kidding.

I camped up in Oak Creek Canyon. One of the prettiest parts
of the Sedona area. I will let the pictures speak for
themselves. Enjoy!