Kasnick Photography - Eureka and Samoa
Who would not love to live in a town named Eureka? You
would just get up every day and say, "Eureka, I live here!"
Well, I don't think that they say that much, but I did meet some
real nice people there. Especially the curator of the Maritime
Museum in Samoa. That is a little community on an island
across the bay from Eureka.

I have wanted to take pictures of the lighthouses of the west
coast, or as many as are still up. They were all erected over
100 to 150 years ago, and the Coast Guard
decommissioned most of them due to the new technology of
lights and horns.

The Lighthouse that was on the end of the island Samoa is
on was moved to Point Table where it was more stable. Then
it was taken down and the light was donated to the museum.
It is a #3 and is just exquisite. It is about 24 inches high, and
has a blink signature of blink, space, blink, space, etc. What
is interesting is that every lens has a different light signature
so the ships can identify which lens they are looking at.
So, that means that each one has to be constructed
differently. Look at the lens in this slide show and you will see
that the lenses don't go all the way around. There are brass
spacers between the lenses. This lens is 150 years old.

I took pictures of other artifacts too. The curator was just
awesome as he was closing and when I explained that I was
from Tennessee and passing thru, he reopened and let me
in. He also gave me a personal guided tour. What a great