Kasnick Photography - The Coast & More Lenses
This is the last of the slide shows that has coastal pictures.
From here, I have headed inland to Yosemite NP and the rest
of the itinerary. If the sun had been out, I would have stayed
on the coast a few more days, but it had not been sunny
except for brief interludes. As I write this, I am in Yosemite NP
and last night I captured a fabulous sunset. Unfortunately, it
was not over Half Dome which I was photographing, but that
is life. This slide show takes us from Ferndale on the North
Pacific Coast and down to Bodaga Bay. I particularly wanted
to get good sun in Bodaga Bay, as it has tremendous wave
action and a very rocky coast line. It is also for the real
daredevil surfboarders, but none were out in the fog. I have
shots of two lighthouses in this sequence and a picture of a
lens from a retired hippy, Tucker. He was very interesting and
his life story would make a great book, chronicaling the post
war era, the anti vietnam movement, and reformation.

This set also has more of the Redwoods. I did not realize that
the original forest streched from almost Oregon to almost
San Francisco. Now, most of it has been cut down and more
is being harvested. It is really a shame to cut down a 1,000
year old tree. It will take 500 generations of humanity to
regrow one that old.

One last thing, I think that I have done most of the DLD hiways
in the West. The trip down to Bodega Bay was over 50 miles
of the windeyest, narrowest, no shoulder road I have ever
traveled, and it was socked in with fog. Did I say I had the cliff
side the whole way?