Kasnick Photography - N.Western Washington
This section is about Northwestern Washington State.
Honestly, if given a choice, I would not put this on my scenic
tour route again, but I had always heard that Anacortes was
one of the most scenic spots. So, I spent a couple of days
there, went to Orcas Island (24.00 to camp and 116.00 for the
ferry) and went whale fin watching (100.00). When I signed up
for the whale fin watching, I asked if there were Orcas out
there. They said, "Well, they are in the channels and we don't
know which way they will go." But on the boat the story was
"Well they went too far for us to go look at them." Hmmmm.
sounds fishy to me. So we watched the fin from one lone
Minke whale. Oh well, I met some really nice people on the
boat. Two Vets were at a conference and were trying to get a
picture of a picture of an Orca. Hmmm, why not just buy a
book and it would have been a lot cheaper. At the end of this
slide show, I am down to the top (north) end of the Olympic
National Forest. Next slides I will get into the rain forest and
some of the other stuff that is a little better than Anacortes. I
am now in Oregon, and starting down the 101 on the Pacific
Coast. So, must close as I am wearing out my welcome of my
temporary camp in the parking lot of the Oregon DOT.

More tomorrow if there is a connection!