Kasnick Photography - Mt Hood to Crater Lake
This for me was a much more scenic section than the past
couple. I took a detour to go to Mt Hood, as I had never been
to Timberline Lodge, and I wanted to go back to the
mountains. I am going to follow the coast of California for
several hundred miles, so don't miss some of the Oregon
Coast. Mt Hood was great. While there, a Vietnamese
woman had me pose with her father for a picture. He wanted
to take it back home to show his friends. Well, does that
mean I was the handsomeest man he saw - or the most
bizare? Who knows... haha my joke, I know! Anyway, I put the
shot in of the snowboarders with snow still on the boards, as
it is so unusual to ski on the longest days of the year! They
get lots of snow up there, and it lasts a long time.

After leaving there, I followed the forest service roads down
the mountans to Crater Lake. The pictures there speak for
themselves. That is by far the most scenic spot I have been to
so far, and probably is for the whole trip. But, the most
spiritual is the Redwood Forest. Hmmm, to be surrounded by
trees over 2000 years old. Well, you will have to wait for the
next slide show! Hope you are still enjoying all of this.