Kasnick Photography - Mora Beach to Girabaldi
Well, I certainly was glad to be coming down from the NW. I
stopped at a campground in the forest, and went to Mora
Beach for entertainment. I thought I would be able to get a
good picture of the sunset and actually got a hundred of them.
Fortunately for you, I only put one up. There was a little
unusual in the eagle that was pasture watching, and the
eagles on the beach. And how will I ever forget the Girabaldi
Unusual Item. You have to watch the slide show to see it. I
won't tell!

I did have a fabulous dinner in a little restaurnat where the
eagle was hanging out. The town was so small that I don't
even know its name. But I had their version of "low country
boil". That is corn, potatos, sausage, oysters, shrimp,
mussels, and clams. And there was a gallon bucket of shells
when I was done. The whole thing cost $17.00 including a
beer. Wow! I am impressed, and stuffed with seafood that

This section also has a few shots in of the rain forest in
Olympic National Park. Mt Olympus doe not have many good
view spots, so that is why after I left Girabaldi, I decided to
take a detour and go to Mt Hood. That was wonderful, and
then I took all the mountain roads for 200 miles to get to
Crater Lake, but that is for the next show!

I might mention that along the way, I have been meeting some
very nice people. That town, Girabaldi, even on my next stop I
met a man from Viet Nam who wanted my picture taken so
he could take it back. Hmmm, didn't know I Iooked that wierd!