Kasnick Photography -Grand Canyon NP
The Grand Canyon. The 7th Wonder of the World. Well, it is
big, you have got to give it that! But on most summer days it
is very hazy. That is created from mainly auto polution that is
wind borne from SoCal. Sorry. In the winter the haze is cut by
90%. But it is cold and snowy then. Maybe that is why I see
so many pictures in the shops with a little snow on the ground,
the photogs want that clarity! Anyway, I did have some fun
there. Did not take the mule trip. Awww, I am such a wimp. I
did try to rent a helicopter for a private tour to Havasupi Falls,
but the indians are restricting access since the flash flood last
year that damaged the trails, etc. Anyway, I stayed in a
primitive cabin. Had to do it so I could say I did. It felt like I
was a pioneer, no air conditioning. haha, really. Then, on the
way out, I discovered the observation tower I had been
looking for. There are quite a few pictures in the slide show. It
was, how to say it, fab...s. hahaha

I left thru the east entrance and went north to Page. The home
of the Grand Coulee Dam and Lake Powell. Very pretty. But
the scenery after that was really what I waited for. I left the
main road and went to an old movie set location. They filmed
"Sargents 3" there a million years ago. Sinatra and the rat
pack. Probably chose that location since you can get to
Vegas in about 90 minutes! Anyway, that place really scared
me. The ruts in the road were about 8 inches deep in places
and it made me think, "If I get any rain at all, I am not leaving
until it drys out." So I left. After getting my pictures of course.
Since I was the only one out there, you won't see these in any
travelog, only here to see! Enjoy!