Kasnick Photography - Ft Bragg, Yosemite, Death Valley
This page has a lot on it, just because I made good time in
my travels. I got rained out of parts of it, smoked out of others,
and fried in Death Valley. But, all in all, I did get some good

I started in Fort Bragg. Because I saw a restored steam
engine taking passengers on a days outting. The steam and
the whistle were quite thrilling. Not having seen a steam
engine for about 60 years, pulling a train.

Then I went thru the water supply for one of the major
breadbaskets of America. California's Central Valley, fed by
the Sacremento River Delta.

From there I crossed over Napa Valley, with its wine and
windmills. Took in the change back to mountainous terrain,
and entered Yosemite NP. It truly is one of the most
magnificent of parks. It's flowing volcanic structure should be
seen by everyone. If not in person, at least thru a traveloge
like this. Then I went out Tioga Pass. At almost 10,000 feet, it
too is magnificent. It lets a traveler out at Mona Lake, an
alpine lake at about 7500 feet. One then follows the mountain
valley between the Sierra Nevada's and the range that
defines the west edge of Death Valley.

Death valley NPconsists of 3 mountain ranges and two
valleys. It was my strategy to cross them as much as possible
at dark. So, I entered the valley, went over the first range, into
the valley, (down 4000 ft) and up the second. That is where I
took the sunset picture. At that time the temp was 106. After
crossing into the second Valley, the temp went to 117 and the
campground was closed due to heat. The next campground
was 40 more miles. The heat, now 9:30, went to 123 or so.
Well, that was not so bad, except there was a 40 mph
crosswind and the sand started to blow. Thankfully, I was thru
that in about 25 miles. When I got the the campground it had
cooled to about 112. So, I ran the Generator for 5 hours and
got some sleep before pushing on out of the heat. I stopped
in Shoshone at about 4:00 a.m. and slept till 7. At that time, it
was 75. By the time I made coffee and took a shower, it had
come up to 95. Well, lets go, Vegas is the next stop.

To show how lucky I am, when I got to Vegas, I ran the gen for about 5
minutes and the ground wire came off, disabling the generator and air
conditioner. Sure glad it did not happen in Death Valley. After seeing
names like - "Buzzard Overlook", "Bleached Bone Valley", "Prospectors
Last Breath", and more... well, you get the idea. haha, my joke.