Kasnick Photography - The Ferndale Lens !
This page has some very rare photos in the slide show. In all
of the research that I have done on lighthouses, I have never
been able to see pictures of the INSIDE of a lens. And
particularly not of the largest made, the first order lens.

But, I was really priviledged to see, go in, and take pictures of
the most awesome sight, the inside of a 20 bullseye fresnel
lens. I owe this priviledge to the manager of the County Park
in Ferndale, Ca. He is Stuart Titus, and he is a dedicated
public servant that loves the lens, as does the whole
community, and does everything in his power to protect it.

The community aquired the lens about 60 years ago to
protect it as the lighthouse was decommissioned and
deteriorating. So, they built a mini lighthouse in the county
park and have carefully guarded it ever since. Now, it
happens that a member of the Coast Guard was driving by
one day, and noticed it. In inquiring where it came from, they
were told the story. Well, the Coast Guard now has changed
its mind. What was junk in 1950 is now worth over a million
dollars in todays market, so they notified the county that they
want it back. The story of this lens is not over yet, but I really
hope that it stays where it has been for over 60 years.

I hope that you enjoy these pictures. They are the absolute
highlight of my entire 10,000 mile trip!! Maybe getting some
publicity of this incident will help keep the lens in Ferndale.