Kasnick Photography -Eagle Watching
In January 09, I went to Chicago to visit my daugher and her
family. While there, we (she is a better photog than I) took
pictures in downtown Chicago, and we went to Lock 4 on
the Illinois River. That is also the location of Starved Rock
State Park. Many eagles congregate there when the rivers
freeze, as the locks keep open water so they can fish. At the
same time, fish that go thru the gates of the locks suffer a
compression shock that temporarily paralyzes them. So, the
eagles swoop down and scoop up stunned fish too groggy
to get away. But, as you can see from one of the pictures,
sometimes they do get away! It was bitter (37 F) cold that
day and there was a wind of 10-15 mph. Cold for a Floridian
(now Tennessean).