Kasnick Photography - Chicago Loop
My favorite town, without question is Chicago. Not
just because I was born in its suburbs, but
because it can accomodate every mood, provide
entertainment no matter what I may look for and
because it has such a range of artistic beauty. On
my January trip to eagle watch, I actually started
by meeting my daughter in downtown Chicago.
The former public Library has been converted into
an art center and fully restored. What a jewel it
has become. Now, at over 100 years old, it has
charm and beauty which will never be created
again in architecture. If you have never seen it, it
is worth a trip to Chicago just to see it. My few
pictures here do not do it justice. I took over 100
just in the building. I know that I will return soon
with my wide angle lense to get even better
pictures. But in the meantime, enjoy these.