Kasnick Photography - Capitol Reef, Arches & Dinosaur NP
It is with regret that I completed the things I wanted to do, and
the places and pictures that I had dreamed about. This was
truly for me a vacation of a lifetime. In this segment, I went to
Capitol Reef. Named for the Capitol due to some of the
shapes and Reef being an old sailor term for barrier. The reef
is actually a fold in the earth, part went down and part went
up. For 200 miles or so. It blocked North/South traffic until
recently. Thank God for bulldozers and earthmovers of
modern times. I took a canyon walk there, and quit when I
would have had to resemble a mountain goat. What was that
ranger thinkiing when she told me to go there. I then went to
Arches NP. It is the most highly concentrated arch area of the
world. Of course, the wind does have to blow that sand
around to carve out the windows in the rock. But once you get
used to that, it is great! From there, I wanted to go to one
more spot, so picked Dinosaur NM. The Utah side had all the
bones, so I went back as I had been in Colorado. They are
excavating a cliffside, but the building is coming apart due to
movement in the foundation, so it will not be open untill 2011.
I took the walk to the cliff side and saw bones in the rough!
Better anyway. Also, I found the best pictograph that I had
seen on the trip. It is about a thousand years old and I am
going to make a poster of it and hang it on my wall. Maybe it
will bring me luck, and maybe it will just ge me to go again.

So, I thought I was done. But, God has a way of closure. So,
on the way back in Kansas, I stopped one more time. Look
for the last slide show labeled "Summary" to see what it was.