Kasnick Photography - St Louis Arch
The end of the first day found me on the wrong side of the
Mississippi River. I had wanted to shoot the Arch in the
Jefferson Memorial from the west side, but got confused and
crossed the river. Now I am glad that I did. The monument
has had a lot of work done in the surrounding park. In about
1973 I was there, and there was a little parking lot and not
much else. Now there is about a square mile of park, with
mature trees and ponds. So, I am very happy to document the
arch with some pictures from in the park. As it was almost
dark, I love the silhouettes of the trees and the arch still lit
from the p.m. sunlight. The last picture is the beginning of the
second day. I stay in truck stops many nights, and that is what
it looked like at about 6:00 a.m.